Product Details

MULTI-PURPOSE: Can be used with anything not just salad. The Salad On The Go Cup is ideal for bringing your lunch to work a picnic or school.The Container includes a fork that snaps into place on the lid.


EASY TO CARRY: The easy salad container helps keep salad or fruits fresh, cool and crisp. Has an easy grab and ergonomic design. Also, has a 2 ounce container that holds dressing, dips and more!


Measures 7 inches tall and 3.5 inches across. Fits most lunch bags.


Allows you to take along your salad and salad dressing all in one container, (but in two different compartments, that’s the trick to keeping it fresh). Take it anywhere, to be used anytime.


It’s the no mess-no fuss way to enjoy a fresh Crispy Salad-On the Go. Never a soggy salad.


Set includes cup, lid, Reusable fork and mini container (Great for Dressing)


Can Be used to store many Different lunches Such as Cereal, Potato Salad,Tuna Fish, Egg Salad, Pasta Etc.